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LJ-Friends meme

1. Kindest Friend: everyone is kind in their own way to me
2. Smartest Friend: no clue..i dont really poke the mind much
3. Most Athletic Friend: music07, he used to swim
4. Most Artistic Friend: pinkyogamuffin
5. Friend Who Writes the Most Entries: ohnoyoudidnt LJ community (i have no clue, but the tag isnt working)
6. Friend Who Writes the Least: music07
7. Friend Who Comments the Most: floit63
8. Best-Looking Friend: I WILL NOT COMMENT ON THIS!
9. Friend with Best Advice: x2k
10. Most Offbeat/Against-the-Grain Friend: floit63
11. Most Humorous Friend: yep_i_am_dennis
12. Friend You Know the Best: floit63 Hands down
13. Friend You Know the Least: hallucinogenia
14. Most Computer-Savvy Friend: floit63
15. Friend with Best Looking LJ: holdmesam or amyshaped
16. Friend Who Posts the Most Pictures: tyskkvinna
17. Friend Who Swears the Most: iesham
18. Most Blunt Friend: floit63
19. Closest Friend Geographically: feenie
20. Farthest Friend Geographically: demetakat, x2k, and trudyblue all over in England
21. Friend with Most Shared Interests: probably floit63
22. Friend who is Most Like Yourself: its_davy_baby
23. Friend who is Least Like Yourself: mattymattymatty
24. Friend who you Respect/Admire Most: mattymattymatty
25. Friend who you are Most Jealous of: *shrug* im kinda jealous of everyone for different reasons
26. Friend with Best Spelling/Grammar: floit63 has pretty good grammar
27. Friend with Worst Spelling/Grammar: music07 Ya misspells lots of stuff (though i aint no picnic either)
28. Friend with Strangest Bio: pinkyogamuffin
29. Most Upbeat Friend: hwkeye82
30. Most Gloomy/Pessimistic Friend: kingmike1224..dude im the most pessimistic out of everyone
31. Friend you'd Like to Visit in Person: floit63, x2k and music07
32. Friend with Coolest Music: hmmm dunno music07 has some good songs, but x2k sends me good music...but justygirl82, trudyblue and floit63 have westlife
33. Friend Most Likely to Become Famous: pinkyogamuffin the famous artist
34. Oldest Friend (Friend you've known the longest): 3ebmadrigal DUDE, Heath and I have known each other for 10 yrs almost
35. Youngest Friend: jackierckz
36. Oldest Friend (Age): I have a pretty good idea who and I aint telling a soul
37. Friend Most Addicted to Memes/Quizzes/Surveys: floit63 and clownzskareme
38. Friend Most Likely to Copy this Survey: floit63
39. Guess What Friend will First Comment on this Post: floit63
40. Friend with the Most Nominations Overall: floit63

And last of all, who's the friend (or non-friend) you stole this from? pinkyogamuffin

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