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I hate family

Now don't get me wrong, i love the idea of family and will try my best to have a normal one one day but mine right now is def missing a bunch of screws here and there...

My credit cards are completely paid off, leaving me just student loans, car insurance and my cell bill to pay. Ive searched a bit for a job, have an application in at Independence bank for a teller right now..just as a stepping stone and cash. its supposed to pay 16 grand a yr in salary, which means student loans will be paid soon *crosses fingers*

ive been busy cleaning and erranding since ive been home, which is draining, and i just really wanna relax for the time being...but nooo its do this do that do the other thing

Went out with my sister yesterday and while we were eating she was on the phone with her bf saying you know what happens when we are alone and i was like seriously im eating here

today is my oldest sisters birthday...she turns 40 *shakes head* still acts 10

x2k did you get my texts yesterday i sorta lost ya after a while..hope you had a good weekend in NewCastle and start socking away some money for me :p

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