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a while since an update

As many of you guess..on wednesday i went to a concert, but not just any concert...thanks to feenie it was none other than was fantabulous *smooches Feenie*

Other than life has been kinda dull...thursday i had a job interview with Independence bank...though i dont want to work there...tomorrow im going out and looking for local jobs at like eckerd and Radio shack...somewhere i dont have to get all dressed up to go to.

I got reobsessed with Final Fantasy 9 again...but it doesnt have the same enthusiasm that it once did *shrugs* probably cuz i know how it ends

Ive agonized my head over things that i shouldnt have, but cant help it...i have not only had blows to my esteem but just feel worthless and pathetic...gee arent i the poster child for happy *roll eyes*

Nothing else to report...have a good will be better than mine at any rate

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