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Geez..I despise being home now...its just getting ridiculous

Tonite, i went to take a shower...and just as i get sister starts harping from outside the bathroom that shes on a schedule and that i needed to hurry like i just got in and she starts griping and bitching...then my dad and other sister have to come in and examine the toilet seat cuz the plumber came today and installed a new toilet and sink.

I also got into an argument with mom...she kept hitting the page button for the kitchen cordless which i had brought down from the second floor and had in the living room with me til i went into the kitchen...well i gave the phone to my sister just to get her to stop pressing the button...and she had the nerve to sit there and call me lazy...i got annoyed but didnt do anything about it...then she calls my cell phone cuz she wanted my sister in the kitchen...this gets my pissed off to high heavens. i proceed to go into the kitchen and start yelling at her that how dare she call me lazy when she wont even get up and walk to a door and how dare she say that to me...she tells me that how dare i talk to her like that blah blah blah. i go out to the kitchen for dinner like 15 min later and she tells my sister she wont talk to me til i apologize, to which i tell my sister in front of mom to tell me when hell freezes over...didnt happen (she started talking to me)

Bro thinks im lazy as shit cuz i sleep during the day and am awake all night...i think he should evaluate himself before anything gets said about me. I do need a job though cuz i need money to escape hell and move.

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