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*curses loudly*


I swear to GOD i need to get out...thankfully job hunting may have been a good thing today.

Starts with getting up at 1130 to start my day...heading to roosevelt field with feenie. Mom needs a lift to a party thats a couple of min away, so i agree..hop in the shower at 1130..get out about 12-1205..tell her to get in...then i get dressed...tell her to get in...come downstairs and boil the kettle..yell up the stairs for her to get in...was picking up Feenie at 1245 cuz with Belmont and regular traffic, it could take a while...Well she wasnt ready until like 1 oclock, which gets me annoyed...pick up Feenie and we hit goes its probably a lil traffic and i go ya or it could be Belmont and she goes ooo thats today *bangs head*

Dropping her off is fun in itself...stupid restaurants directions suck ass...and she winds up about 25 min late to her party...go figure...then to top it off...its 2 oclock..Feenie is late for her appointment...we manage to get there about 215-220...and i was lucky enough to squeeze in an interview and application at Macys too. we walk around the mall, lookin in stores for applications (i applied at Build a bear workshop and Disney as well). while were eating mom says to pick her up at i run into FYE cuz i wanted a cd and OTH on 2 singles, Lindsay Lohan and RJ OTH (they were out)

get to the restaurant about 25 min late..and shes screaming at me...all in front of Feenie.. that was just the start

then bro comes home and starts bitching to me about school and work and yadda yadda yadda, but i mean its not his place and he really needs to shut up...that was part 1

Not even 5 min later, slutty sis (who i found out had a third possible dad to the baby she almost had) and starts telling me that i need to go out and stuff like that. sorry she doesnt go out...sleeping in someone elses bed fucking them doesnt count as going out.


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