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*yawn* im tired

Working for macys has drained energy from me. first off, i only started wednesday...and for the 5 days i worked, they scheduled me for 36 hours...(8 for 3 days and 12 for saturday)..i work tomorrow without time and a half, and work tuesday too. they have tried sceduling me for shit loads of weekends so i need to ask for a day or 2 off cuz my nephew is here and i wanna spend more time with him.

Speaking of, Nephew came up tonite and i was at work. well my sisters in their infinite wisdom take him to Adventureland to have some fun...without informing my parents. dad was a lil annoyed cuz he wanted to see Michael, Mom is a diff story. As Diggy and Feenie know, shes a nut job. she went off on my sisters for it, and then proceeded to dictate his actions..even trying to over rule bro who is his father. she needs an adjustment NOW. with him here, not going to be online, but will try to post at points (if not hes only here for 2 weeks).

Brie (floity) went to Texas to her grandmothers for her birthday and will be gone 2 weeks.

i have a gratuitous icon to point out too. My new sexy Jude Law icon *drools* i love him.

*shrugs* thats about it.

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