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real life sucks

Working for Macys sucks...plain and simple..and i need a new job.

Since the neph has been here, i havent really updated, so i can do it now.

He has been super bratty, besides us being super nice and taking him places. Today was Fantastic 4, yesterday he went to War of the Worlds, Thursday was Star Wars. hes also been to a yankee game, a family barbeque, batting cages, and had quiet times. and he is just getting more spoiled. now hes whining cuz he doesnt wanna go clothes shopping but his mom said to ake him. hes also mouthed off, to my sister and to me...i almost hit him.

fam life is getting worse, Bro and i got at it big time and it was bad. i need out soon, but im more on the path, i opened a bank account at Washington Mutual today and that will start to put money away.

i iconned again last night, and the neph played sims a bit and well irritated the shit out of it for me...why is this, why is that and when i explain he was just getting a bit more painful. and i cant even play my families cuz he is a conservative brat and his exact quote from last nite is "eww dont make them gay".

Work tomorrow, and yes its time for bed

Be careful to whoever is going to challenge this weekend, and Trudy...Good Luck *crosses fingers*

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