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survey goodness

a survey... though.. I feel as if I have done this before...

1.What Time is it now?
11:30PM EST

2.Single or taken?
single.. story of my life

3.What does your name mean?
I think it means twin in the dictionary

4.Who picked out your name?
i think they said my dad did

5.whats your nickname?
Tom, or Mike, or TomMike

6.What color are your eyes

7.Do you have an innie or an outie?

8.What size are your shoes?

9.How tall (or short) are you?
6' 3"

10.What do you always get complimented on?
I always get told im cute...they like my eyes...thats all really =\

11.What are the last four digits of your phone Number?

13.Do you think you're cute?
At times i think so, but most times i think im fugly

14.Hair colour?
its the natraul...but i wanna bleach blonde it

15.Do you wear contacts?
nope...i have glasses but dont wear them

18.Favorite drink?
Iced Tea

19.Favorite alcoholic drink?
Long Island Iced Teas, Medori Sours

20.Favorite Month

21.Favorite Food?
Pork Chops and Mac and Cheese

22.Favorite Board Game? a traditional kinda guy

24.Favorite Clothing Brand?
American the store

25.Favorite day of the Year?
I dont really have one *shrugs* but any day that actually goes well is a good day

26.Favourite colour?
blue or dark green

27.Favorite Animal?
kitty cats...i like my kitties

28.Do you have more girl or boy friends?
more girl than guy, i tend to get along better with girls i guess

29.Are your parents together?
yes, dont know how though

31.How often do you get together with the familly?
i would rather not if i could, everytime we get together, fights start

32.Do you see your parents or your friends more?
fam more than friends...but talk to friends more

33. Siblings and their ages?
joyce 40, gene 30, katie 27, chrissy 26

34.Do you think you are a flirt?
um no...if i could even do it right i'd probably get the snot beaten out of me

35.You're slutty?
Ewwww Um no!'re Mean?
no, but people are mean to me

37.You like someone?
yes..and they know it

39.You can keep secrets?
yup...i am

40.You dance in front of the mirror?
Hell No...whiteboy dont got rhythm

41.You sing in the shower?
yup...sing along to Lindsay Lohan

42.You liked britney spears?
yup...i admit it too =p

43. You've liked a cousin?
*gags on vomit* EWWWWW

44. You've been in the opposite sex bathrooms?
and who hasnt?!

45.ever hurt anyone?
mmmm hmmm ooo ya i hurt lots of people *rolls eyes*

46.You've been hurt?
Duh! story of my life

47.You swear?
as in curse, or as in i swear ive been hurt *puzzled look*

48.You get your way?
this is a trick question right....cuz ya...i soooo do not get my way

49.You're willing to try new things?
im willing to try stuff at least once

50.You've cheated on a test?
another trick question...of course i have *giggle* was caught too..and still got an 80 =p

51.What are you wearing?
shorts and a shirt

52.What colour are your pants?

53.What are you listening to?
justincase ft Michelle Branch - Without You

54.How are you feeling?
bored, lonely, depressed

55.what are you doing now?
this survey...and listening to music

56.What are you eating?
nothing...its 1130 at night

57.How's the weather?
Icky Sticky and it needs to go away

58.What books are you reading?
just finished Rainbow High...need the next book


59.How many lip glosses do you have?
0...unless you count Chap Stick

60.What perfume do you use?
cologne: Tommy Summer, Boss, Pleasures

61.What's in your purse?
in my wallet i have a bunch of cards

62. tall or short boy?
reasonably not one to bend a foot and a half down to kiss a guy

63.blonde or brunette guys?
could care less

64.Boxers showing?
ooo yes please

65. Long hair or short hair on boys?
short, unless it is Gilmore Girls Dean-ish

66.What's the first thing you notice about guys?
sadly, their weight...i want someone who takes care of themselves


67.What kind of cologne do you use?
*points to question 60* go there

68. What are in ur pockets?
my wallet and mp3 player

69.Boxers or briefs?
boxers, boxer briefs and thongs :p

70.Blonde or brunette girls?
dont care

71.Tall or short girls?
no clue

72.Piercings on girls?

73.Long or short hair on girls?

74.Good or bad girl?
Kelly Clarkson

75.What do you find annoying in girls?
OMG the inner bitchiness...i swear i may slap one

76.What's the first thing you notice about girls?
see question 66


77. Last movie you saw?
Fantastic 4 in Theaters...Sleepover at home

78. what did you have for dinner?
Boston Market

79.What are you hoping for?
a job so i can quit Macys and burn it to the ground

80.What movie do you really want to see?
ya know...i saw a trailer for Ice Age 2 and i soooo wanna see that

81.Where is your favorite place to travel?
anywhere without my family...that ruins vacations

82.What did you last dream about?
its been a i dont really remember...last was a dream involving westlife (irish boy band)

83.What was the last thing you ate?
Boston Market

84.If you were a crayon what color what would you be?
i'd be that crayon that no one uses cuz its ugly and no one likes it

85.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Spoke to: sister, texted: Brie

86.Do you like the person that sent this to you?
dont know him that well

87.Ever had a crush on a teacher?
mmmm Mr Nicklaus...he was hott

88.Are you too shy to ask someone out?
def...i hate rejection =\

89.Scarboth baking powder?

90.What was your longest relationship?
none for one likes me that way

91.Chocolate or vanilla icecream? a vanilla man

92.What did you do last night?
made some computer graphics

93.Anything else you want to add?
i feel stupider for taking this survey

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