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Long time...

and no personal entry...Ya i know its only been 3 days but that is a long time in journal land :)~

Well Saturday wasn't very big of a day. I went to bed about 6 AM and got about 5 and a half hours sleep. I got up and got ready for the aunt showed up around 1PM...We sat and talked and stuff like that...had dinner (a whole big to do fight *roll eyes*) and i got the contract for the day camp.

Sunday was more active. Got up at 8:30 and showerred. My sisters Boyfriend came and picked her up at 9...whole fight about that...wont talk about that. My sisters, parents and I left at like quarter to 10...and got there right before the street was closed off. We hung around the house for a bit before the ceremony...talked, and played with my cousins kids (they are sooo cute). Then the ceremony began (which was in the rain). and i was running after my cousin's son (he wanted to play in the puddle) so i walked him back to the house...and got back to see the street sign unveiled....WOW it is such a nice sign....and they gave one to my aunt...I felt soo bad she was so sad, but happy...i guess it still brings up bad memories. (Duh!) then i watched (and ran after) my cousins kids again...didnt mind it though...i love watchin them. then i hung out with my cousin for a bit...then i came home. I relaxed and ate then hung out online for a while. I also watched Moulin Rouge..and i must say that the movie was a good one...such a sad ending though...WATCH IT!!

Today was pretty uninteresting. Did nutin special, blah.

Well that was my weekend

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