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Fictional Character meme

I gets tagged by butterbeer

Fictional Character Sex Meme

Name 10 fictional characters you want to have sex with and then tag 5 people. The characters can be from anything, no limits.

01. Kyle Meeks (book: Rainbow Boys, Rainbow High) - I sooo want someone as nice as he is *pouts*
02. Steve Phillips (Sleepover) - Steve is sooo plush *giggle* but ya hes a hottie.
03. Chris Keller (One Tree Hill) - mmmm Tyler acting, loves the bad boy image too *drools*
04. Landon Carter (A Walk To Remember) - GUH! Hello...see Shane look hott. Loves him.
05. Dustin Broke (The Sims 2) - Im sorry but ya, i would do him if he were real LOL
06. Spinner (Degrassi) - *blush* my guilty pleasure, my illegal crush.
07. Xander Harris (Buffy) - lovable goofball, loves him.
08. Andy Treadau (Charmed) - DUDE! I miss Andy...he was like the best male ever on that show.
09. JJ Pryor (American Dreams) - man in uniform, and sooo family oriented...gotta want himrebel with a heart. a boy after my own heart.
10. Kelly (From Justin To Kelly) - You knew she was sooo gonna make this list *giggle*


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