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moopy *giggle*

Yes the best episode of Kim Possible is on *giggle*

So JetBlue news: they were going to give me the job...but i had to turn it down. It was for a customer service person in Fort Meyers, Florida. Now i didnt turn it down cuz it was in Florida (HELLO?! im not stupid) but it was part time and i can't afford to move if its only part time. But i called the lady again..she said something about a job opening in West Palm Beach whic i def hope she does have.

Macy*s...still sucks...end of that topic

and ya know..i was watching Degrassi before and i can honestly say that i cant nit-pick my life compared to most of them. the ep today was where the girl Ellie decided to start cutting herself cuz her life was was an alcoholic, boyfriend was gay, ruined her shirt, her dream would be enough to make me do something drastic.

Other news...i wish i was dating someone but what can i one is drawn to me *shrugs*

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