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Yet more fun work stuff...*NOT!!!*

so ya, i mean i havent really had many complaints about work, except for that im in a super boring area...that is til today...

The assistant store manager from the store for my section asked me to go speak with him...i knew it would be not good, but didnt think too much

I go speak to him and apparently someone in my department doesnt like me. they just started knocking me..first they go and say i put a feather duster in my pants and started to act like a rabbit in front of customers...which in all honesty is kinda stupid to accuse someone of.. i explained that i put it in my back pocket when i helped a customer, cuz its kinda rude to have it in your hand...fair enough.

Than he says that i took the feather duster and shoved it in someone's face which just made me give like the weirdest look...and he said she also said that i wanted to touch her hair...which i give him like the weirdest look ever and go Um no that just sounds stupid. I have an idea who did say this though and she isnt the nicest person...but it just really got me upset i sat in the stock room for like 10 minutes thinking about it.

then i went to have lunch with a friend of mine (my replacement in the tommy hilfiger dept) and the ass manager was on and we said our hi's and what not. the girl had accidentally clocked herself in from lunch and was like worrying about it and i asked ass manager if he was able to fix it, since hes a manager..and he gave me the nastiest reply of I know ever...when we walked away she was like why cant he even act civil. ..

all in all, i hate my job and will be quitting within the next 2 weeks, whether i have a job or not.

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