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ABC Survey

[the alphabet survey]

Created by thetoasternetwork and taken 12661 times on Bzoink

Act your ageNot a chance in the world
Born on what day of the weeka friday, SCORE!
Chore you hateanything involving cleaning
Dad's nameEugene
Essentail make-up itemi dont do makeup
Favorite actors/actressesShane West and Anne Hathaway
Gold or sliverwhite gold
HometownWoodhaven, NYC
Instruments you playi dont have any of that talent yet
Job titleAssociate...FOR NOW!
Kidsnone yet
Living arrangementsi live with my parents, im a loser
Mom's nameJosephine
Number of socks you ownsomewhere in the hundreds
Overnight hospital stays3 that i am aware of
Phobiai dunno, not being liked?
Quote you likeI don't suffer from insanity, i enjoy every minute of it!
Religious affiliationI'm "Catholic" but i havent been to church in years
Siblings4, 3 sisters and a brother
Time you woke up today11am, i love days off
Unusual habits*shrugs* nothing stands out
Vicious thing you've donei bit someone that i fought
Worst habitcorrecting people
X-rays you've hadjust dental ones
Your favorite seasonWinter, i liek snow
Zodiac signCapricorn

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