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And its hurting my head...its like im trying to figure out what to write to update.

first job at jetblue *shrugs* i dunno what happened, but i figured when they said group interview.

other than that...nothing tooo exciting.

Ever feel happy in your skin one day and than too uncomfortable in it the next...its happening a bunch lately, but at least im not ready to bludgeon myself anymore. i applied to a couple of other places right now, and im still giving myself 2 weeks.

Its just like i wanna be in florida..gimme like a week, and i just wanna sit out on my porch and just be there...relaxing, watching as nothing really happens but feel sooo relaxed.

it really doesnt help when you sit around and talk to your friends online, when most other people are out hanging out with their friends. its like you are missing something...a void that isnt really filled when you think but its always been there *shrugs*

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