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Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. If you're tagged its your turn.

1. i have been in love with someone i have never met in person.

2. i have contemplated suicide within the past year for a very stupid reason

3. i have been addicted to the sims for years

4. on forums i tend to talk alot and have altogether about 35000 posts on them

5. my favorite movie is clueless, no matter how much i gush about a movie

6. trudy addicted me to westlife last july

7. i have a vast cd collection, numberring over 300 easy

8. of my 3 best friends in the whole world, i have only met one in person

9. i have met numerous people from the internet and only one of them was psychotic

10. i bitch more than anything, because i never really have anything too good to cheer myself about

11. i went to the prom with my cousin's best friend, who was a friend of mine, and after that we never really got along too well

12. im open to anything at least once

13. i wrote a smut porn story about people i was in high school with when i was 15

14. never really came to terms with myself til sophmore year of college

15. i listen to depressing music when im depressed cuz it helps me sulk, apparently i only get better after a horrible time if i cry

16. out of my paycheck every week, i donate 5 dollars to the united way, and will donate more in the wake of katrina

17. i have never had a steady person as a boyfriend or girlfriend, because after i hang out with someone, they get weird around me which sucks

18. i despise my family, but for the exception of my brother and one of my sisters, i wouldnt trade them for anything, cuz they made me who i am

19. the song i can best relate to is hear me by kelly clarkson

20. change is something inevitable that needs to be done from time to time

Edit: Duh! i need to tag people..sorry its been a day i dont wanna relive

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