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day is over

so ya life today was nothin good.

Today starts off with a text from x2k saying that hes thinking of me...that was nice of him

Mass was at 12 noon, my mom, of course causes us to miss mass, shocked...nope i wouldnt be either.

From the church, we went to the town of babylon memorial they built. my aunt contributed money and whatnot, and they left him off it...she was devistated.

at the memorial, i was really doing well..the bagpipes played and everything and not a tear out of me...that was up until i get to a plaque inscriobed as what happened that morning...that was all it took...i completely lost it and just started to cry.

From there we went to my aunts house for dinner, and it was kinda lack luster but what to expect...then while im in a text message conversation with floit63, trudyblue calls me and wanted to know how i was doing today...we talked for about 20 minutes then i had to go...i tried to talk to her and she was asleep when i got home..go fig

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