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Yup, im updating..i must be doing something *shrugs*

past week has been nuts with the cable going out and not being able to internet. but not all bad came of it. I went out and met up with ladydragonair and just hung out talking bout sims and some plans we wanna do.

Read Rainbow me in a funk (this series is so well written i wish it was me in it) i'd love to just up one day and go take a trip with 2 of my best friends cross country, and find love. Sadly that will never happen, all because i have a low opinion of myself, though people tell me different like daily

had to put my cell phone in the shop yesterday to get fixed, and it somewhat did, except i dont think i am getting all my texts ( trudyblue, x2k and pinkyogamuffin have you gotten my texts??)

turned down the job with airtran cuz i cant afford to live in Boston til i get paid...which sucks royally. looked for jobs in countless places, but to no avail.

played so much sims lately, and not grown tired of it..thinking of writing up a story on a sim, but no idea who (my_sims_reality got any suggestions how to pick one out??)

I have now completely rambled on about useless knowledge, most of which has probably been skipped, o well.

And thanks to mattymattymatty for the song im listening to :)

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