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Um ok

Well, last nite was very eventful.

I started talking to this guy on Monday, we chatted and seemed to get along very well. we made plans to get together yesterday.

we met up a bit around 5 and decided we would go see the excorsism of Emily Rose...was great!! then we were trying ot figure what to do after the movie, because we didnt want to part so early. so he suggests we should go to Atlantic City. So what do i do, i say ok lets go to atlantic city.

We take the 3 hour drive there and get there by like 1 in the morning. we get there and get some food, do a bit of gambling, just hang out. Then we went to sit in his car and we started to make out and somehow got shirtless...we brought it to a stop when the casino security came and pulled up next to us *giggle*

We went back did some more gambling, had some sodas, and we were gonna go home but he seemed a bit tired and we thought about getting a room (and ewww no pervy stuff) to get some sleep before we got back, but it was full. so we drove back to nyc and got into manhattan at about 815 this morning and i walked him to his door and we said our goodbyes and wishes to see each other again, then i took the train home. and that was my 14 hour date *sigh*

DUDE!!! Im sooo crushing *sigh*

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