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Stolen from Lis who stole it from Heather

Hair Color? - I love my blonde hair :)

Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer? - Total winter snow, love christmas, love my birthday!!

Cartoon character? -Garfield...he is awesome!!!

Fave Food? - Ewww Lis...sushi is bad...Ice Cream is good ;)

Fave movies? - I have lots...but 2 of them are Clueless and A Walk to Remember :)

Fave Ice Cream? - Any Kind..Ice Cream Rules!!!

Fave 'normal' drink? - What do you describe as normal?? I will say Iced Tea. =)

Fave Persons to talk to online? - I have a bunch of people that i talk to...even though some became evil and called me a stalker :\

Wearing? - Grey T-shirt (with a Yankee Logo), Pajama pants, white socks and light blue checkered boxers :p

Hair is? - on my head LOL what else would it be

I'm feeling? - happy...I love the 80s series is on VH1 and i just love the 80s!!! =)

Drinking? - Iced Tea...from the pitcher :p

Thinking about? - What it would feel like to go back and live my teen years in the 80s.

Listening to? - The fave series is on :D

In the last 24 hours have you...

Cried? - yup.

Worn a skirt? - not to my knowledge :p

Met someone new? - nope...who is there to meet :p

Cleaned your room? - Nope i did that on thursday ;p

Done Laundry? - nope going home Monday..why do i need to?

Driven a Car? - nope i haven't driven in a while...3 hour drive on Monday

Do you believe in....

Yourself? - most times...sometimes i dont.

Your friends? - Most of them i do...then there are exceptions :\

Tooth Fairy? - I do believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny...The Easter Bunny lives at home and is named Cookie =D

Destiny/Fate? - Actually I do...everything happens for a I would.

Angels? - Yup I do...cuz i have 2 watching over me =D

Ghosts? - It depends...i dont believe in the evil kind that is usually portrayed

UFO's? - Anything is possible in the world. XD

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