TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

So Some updates

Well *sigh* He talked to me again today. He wants me to come by his house tomorrow and help him clean up a bit (i guess before dad comes home), and since i had already said i would help him, i get to see him tomorrow :)

I also have sucky Mono :( My throat looks horrifying and grosses me out. I saw the doc today and she gave me meds so thats the plus to the situation. Hopefully my yucky throat goes away

Bro buys himself an ipod and well my dad's computer cant seem to handle the cd to install it. so what does the fuckup say...he can put it on my computer and use it there. I blatently laughed in his face said fat fucking chance and let him walk away. bastid is a patronizing fuck who yelled at me cuz i slept this afternoon (not because i have mono or anything) and just made stupid remarks.

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