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So i was supposed to hang out with Jeremie last nite, but when i got to his place, he wasnt around at all...figured that he was busy at the time *shrugs*

Called up diggybear and asked if she wanted to hang out and stuff since she works right down the street from his place. So she said sure, she had to go see the band she does stuff for (the Kin). I figured kool, i can catch some of the show and actually hear and meet them.

I get there meet some kool people, met up with Diggy's sister too, and was there the whole show..which takes me to 3 hours after im supposed to meet him...still nothing

A bunch of us went out to ewat at BBQs and it was all fun and i had a blast...still got peeved as i went out sick to meet him and i havent even gotten a phone call

finally it gets to be about 11 and i left manhattan with Diggy and my friend Jasmine and her husband. got a lift to my mom's office coincidentally and walked home from there. I called him and left him a message asking where he was and i hope everything is ok (this being message #4)

I was offically stood up for a date with a guy at his apartment to clean...i think thats the lowest of low ever.

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