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Latter Days Quotes

first of all..GIP!!

Lila: Your church doesn't like alcohol or homosexuals. Hmm... Well, I definitely won't be joining. Can't imagine heaven without both.

Elder Aaron Davis: Well, I'm already going to Hell for kissing you, so I may as well take the scenic route.

Christian: [about them having sex] It's ok, this doesn't have to mean anything.
Elder Aaron Davis: Yes it does.
Christian: Shh... It could be just a little fun between friends.
Elder Aaron Davis: My first time could be just a little fun for you?
Christian: No don't get all...
Elder Aaron Davis: All what? Maybe you equate sex with a handshake and that's what? Like a badge? What do you want me to congratulate you?

Sister Gladys Davis: His name was Christian, wasn't it?
Elder Aaron Davis: What?
Sister Gladys Davis: Was Christian the one?
[a big smile appears on Aaron's face]
Sister Gladys Davis: What did he do to you?
Elder Aaron Davis: He... He loved me.

[final voiceover monologue]
Elder Aaron Davis: Sometimes it all still feels like a mass of dots. But more and more these days, I feel like we're all connected. And it's beautiful... and funny... and good.

Lila Montagne: A toast, an affirmation, a prayer of thanks. I want you to know that, wherever we find ourselves in this world, whatever our successes or failures, come this time of year, you will always have a place at my table. And a place in my heart.

Christian: God I hate the snow.
Elder Aaron Davis: What are you doing here?
Christian: I came after you. How could you just leave without saying anything.
Elder Aaron Davis: It's not my choice, I am being sent home in shame. And I'm probably going to be excommunicated.
Christian: For a kiss? I mean it was a very nice kiss, but come on. We didn't even get to use our tongues.
Elder Aaron Davis: You wouldn't understand.
Christian: I'm sorry, I'm not very good at this. See, I've never made a fool out of myself in front of anyone before. But I've never felt this way before about anyone in my entire life.
Elder Aaron Davis: What for just some guy you can't have. And next week you'll be on to your next conquest?
Christian: But what if you're not? Huh? What if everything in my entire pathetic life, which I happen to love, has led to this point? Right here, right now. What if you're the blinding light in the middle of the road that strikes me like that guy, the guy in...
Elder Aaron Davis: The Bible?
Christian: Yeah.
Elder Aaron Davis: Paul.
Christian: Yeah. And what if everything has changed like that... and lions lay down with lambs and colors mix with whites. What if you're the one that I've been waiting for my whole life and I let you go?
Elder Aaron Davis: You have no idea what I'd be giving up.
Christian: Damn it! What is wrong with you? You want revelations engraved in gold and angels trumpting down from heaven? But what if this is it instead? Me, telling you I love you, right here, in the snow? I think that is pretty miraculous. But if you don't... I'll go. I'll walk and you can pretend that this was just some coincidence. You can pretend there wasn't some reason that we met, and that you're sorry I ever walked into you life.
[Christian walk to the door, but it won't open]
Christian: God, I hate the snow.
[Aaron grabs him and gives him a passionate kiss]

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