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first off *glomps to Eph* She made me 3 wonderful icons and i love them to bits
<-- points to show off

Well today was orientation, it was a bit longer than i expected (3 hours) but all in all it was great...there were 3 other people with me. we all got to talking and 2 of us hung out a bit afterwards, cuz the third had to stay cuz she showed up late.

I think my store manager may be gay, which i totally dont mind cuz hes a total hottie, but i wont be doing any kind of flirting or anything until i know for sure *giggle*

Got some on call hours for friday and saturday, which i totally dont mind...and they went into detail bout my discount *blinks* some items i get 50% and most others 40%

Weird part of the orientation, they made us change into some jeans (in the fitting room) and describe how they felt to us

*shrugs* thats all for today

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