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Today sucked!

woke up 2 hours late to do errands for mom's company..then as im doing the errands, im at the last fucking stop, and i get a 95 buck parking ticket cuz apparently pulling into an unloading zone to unload isnt allowed unless you have commercial plates which by the way this cop was just a prick and i demeaned him after he had the ticket printed.

i came home and get on the comp and what happens..Office Depot calls me, wanting to phone interview with me tomorrow. at 2..just when i go into AE if im working.

Sis calls me and says she changed the time and are now going to the 930 showing tomorrow for HP (this will be NUTS) but whatev

then sis sits there and is cleaning and spills water all over the graduation pictures of all ours. the pics arent damaged but i mean she didnt even care enough to move them first.

Reunion was just phenominal tonite and it doesnt come back til the first of dec grrr

then bro bitches at me that im not helping to clean meanwhile he just made a huge ass mess of my room cuz hes an ass

umm well i think thats all that happened that was bad...*shrugs* who knows

EPH!...i made you another icon to go with the update i just posted for sims

its yours of course *giggle*

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