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damn it

well last nite i got pissed at LJ cuz it sucked and went offline.

Today i woke up at 9 thanks to stupid bro and mom and their not being able to be quiet...tried to sleep til 11 but it was kinda pointless

got up showered and was called into work

got to work at 1 and worked til 730, then came home and ate...sims chat and sims

still nothing from Jeremie besides like a 2 min chat the other day...i mailed him a thanksgiving card and hope he gets it and likes it but im really getting frustrated, now im not even hearing from least i had gotten the occasional text before

im gonna go curl in bed, cry to sleep thanks to this damn song and messing with my head...and then maybe huddle in it tomorrow or play sims and murder some..just something to take the stress and everything away

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