TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Ho hum

Wow been a while since i updated. Getting online during the week is such a hassle...i get sooo worn thin by going to work...i come home and i just wanna pass out.
This week has been getting on just like every other week, went to work, came home ate and slept...Wednesday i went to the movies with a couple of friends....we saw pirates of the carribean...great movie. Friday i went out to the bar we hang out at....was fun and i had to leave early cuz i had a party yesterday

Yesterday i went to my sister's best friends (shes like another sister) and she had a birthday party for her kids...i like hung out with her nephew (whos 14) and her niece on her hubby's side (shes 17)...its weird cuz we like did everything together yesterday....i really didnt wanna leave...Caitlin the niece was fun to hang out with....shes cute and funny...i guess you could say im attracted to her...but she lives in Maine. So that was the extent of my fun for the week

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