TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Long Time

Wow, Its been a long time since i updated my LJ.

Well, I will try to fill you in as of July.

Starting June 30th I started a job at a day camp...It was a fucking blast...Not only did i have so much fun working with the kids, but my co-workers were someof the best people i have ever met. We hung out like every Friday night at this bar called Monterey' was kinda dull, but it works well when you have good people to hang wit. I was supposed to go out wit this 16 yr old named Kristen, but it never panned out. Then after Camp and a bunch of friends from camp went to Build a bear and made bears...Mine is named Steven Andrew and he is up at school wit me...He goes everywhere wit me.

About a week after camp ended, my bro told me that someone he worked wit at the US Open was i worked the US Open for a week...didn't really make friends, but there were cool people to hang wit...and an old classmate of mine from HS...well afetr that...came up to school...where i have been bopred outta my mind....thinking about doing a semester abroad at Buffalo...who knows.

As for Family life...its about the same...except i now have 4 baby 2nd cousins and #5 is on the way. My cousin jenn has 2, my cousin Joyce has 2 and my cousin john's wife is 6 months wit her first.

Other than that....nothing really to report. Have fun

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