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Do you know what a fucking day i had...ya a bad long one

I got up at 5 am, then again at 530..showered and got super nice sister was awesome enought o sit there and get up at 6 to drive me to she will get a nice gift from me. got to work and was pretty much bored..ALL.FUCKING.DAY! got busy no joke, at 230 when i was supposed to leave, so i wound up staying until home and dad drags me to Staples to pick up the new computer chair..meh i didnt i got skittles. on the way there, i remember that i forgot my coffee mug at work, so after i rop him off athome with the chair i drive back to the mall to get my mug.

got home, and my sis asks for my help with christmas decoratrions..i seriously went through like 40 lightbulbs to find 1 bulb that was broken GRRR! then sims chat (which is fun as always) then its HIM time..we basically talk, he got quiet i imed like 3 times and he somewhat snapped. i gave reason why i imed and what does he do...he goes away *rolls eyes* hes busy, with what, i dunno.

Ive now been up *tries to count* eleventy hours and this entry has taken like 15 minutes to type. no coherent thoughts right now

I do plan to go shopping with my sisters...i told them they will need to feed me caffiene tomorrow (starbucks Gingerbread Latte mmmm) and that will be my day off


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