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So after last entry, i had it out with Jeremie and he basically started saying that we never dated, to which i told him that he lied to me and should have just been honest...tells me i shouldnt have to know everything, and that i lost a friend *boo hoo*...i tell him whatever i dont need a friend like you...then shove in his face that oh by the way, i have all of our im conversations saved as private entries on LJ..and wow if you actually read them... whatever..he shut up after that

I get online today and Adam is on and we talk and i told him i got a reply from Jeremie and that we basically had it which he says he got a text this morning from our dear schmuck

Text reads : "wtf is your problem"

i sooo feel like texting him that he is the problem but Meh ill go "enjoy" Adam as he said *rolls eyes*

do i like Adam...i think he has potential...but im sooo not going to rush into anything, time will tell. all i know is i get a better vibe from Adam than i did with Jeremie, but ill play cautious anyway

Well tonite, i got to take ladydragonair to meet diggybear and feenie. We had ihop, then went bowling where these stupid schmucks next to us spoiled our fun a bit, then just hung around the alley til like was great...and i must bring Tish to the dark side *snickers*

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