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today was a non stress day, though not at first

got woken up by dad 3 times this morning cuz the comp technician was supposed to be here at 9 am, got up at 830 to switch computers around, 9 to find out why he wasnt here yet, and 11 cuz dad was going out meh, good enough

sat around and relaxed at the computer, made a sim of Jackass to torment and tortured him in the game (hes like a zombie now *giggle*) watched Latter Days again, and that is about all

Called into work at like 6 cuz i was on call today and didnt have to go in YAY!..then i did my N99 sims chat and just hung around in there all day...

Tomorrow my sisters want to take me to the staten island mall, this may be interesting

my_sims_reality, i miss talking to you...i sent you an email liek 2 days ago..i hope you got it...if not, ill send you another one!!

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