TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

from hwkeye82

1. My username is kingmike1224 cuz its a forum name i came up with years ago and just stuck. Micke is my middle name, 1224 is my birthday, but i still to this day have no clue what the king came from.
2. My nickname is TomMike because its a combo of my first and middle name
3. My journal title is TomMike because im uncreative and its all i could think of
4. My subtitle is i dont have one
5. My friends page is called It's listed under Nathan because my journal layout references to One Tree Hill and Haley is me :p
6. My default userpic is Haley from One Tree Hill, saying Never Regret, because every experience is something to remember and grow from, and goes well with the journal.

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