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life returns :p

Well since i last posted 3 days ago, ive been better

Well ive been talking to Adam and Joe (a guy from spinthebottle) and its going well, but like i said, no pressure on that part.

today just had shit luck...
woke up at 730 cuz dad couldnt get online, and called me to fix it
930 got up to go to the dentist, went had a cleaning and then they fixed a cavity, and i have another i think
got home to find that one of my co workers called and asked that i cover for her cuz she had an issue. well i didnt answer the phone the first time (she had left a message)
i called Joe to see if he was into getting together like we planned, but he didnt answer, and then bro's car is having issues again so he had to use my car, and the co worker got me on the phone. so i told her i would go in for wasnt bad..a 7-12 shift...well that tuerned into 5-12 when i was woken from my nap to go in early...for a boring night

i called joe during break and we talked for a couple of minutes and it was nice...made plans for tomorrow, which is good. i also found a shirt i wanted to get him but the store didnt have it, so i need to find it.

got home and he talked to me for a bit, gave me a survey through myspace, which i did. and now im here and should head to bed in a few minutes. sparklediamant youd love him, he loves rent *giggle*


1. Whats your porn star name? (your first pets name, and your mothers maiden name): Sugar Ward

2. Whats your soap star name? (your middle name, and your street name) Michael 91st (thats too weird)

3. Whats your current screenname. shred1224...i got it out of a book and the numbers are the birthdate

4. In what year were you born? 1982

5. Were you a planned pregnancy? id rather not get into that topic

6. How did you celebrate your last birthday? went to a mall after dropping my nephew off at the airport, then home and ran stuff around. some birthday

7. How are you going to celebrate your next birthday? *shrugs* its 2 weeks away, lets wait and see

8. Who will you spend it with? no clue what im doing, so i have no clue who ill be with

9. What kind of town/city/village do you live in? Woodhaven

10. Is it a famous place that attracts plenty of tourism? Woodhaven, thats a laugh and a half..but NYC is a big touristy place

11. Any famous landmarks and etc? see above

12. Are your parents married or divorced? married (legally anyway)

13. Who do you share your house with? mom, dad, bro, sis

14. Are you considered as tall or rather short? 6'3. you call it

15. How many email addresses do you have? *counts on fingers* probably 6 or 7, though i only use like 2 lol

Food and Cookery

16. When it comes to diet and eating, how healthy are you? i dont tend to eat alot, but when i eat its usually bad for me :p

17. What is your favourite food? anything but seafood

18. What do you eat when youre bored? normally chocolate or cookies

19. Favourite junk food? dunkin d's *mmmm*

20. Happy food? the Cheeseburger happy meal at McDonalds?

21. Favourite restaurant? *shrugs* i like everywhere i eat

22. Favourite take away? (take away = take out) Pizza

23. Favourite sandwich fillings? chicken parm or ham

24. How well can you cook? well enough that i dont starve

25. If you were to appear on the show cant cook, wont cook which cook would you be (cant or wont): what kind of show is this?! and if i had to choose, probably can't

26. What do you cook most often? eggs or French Toast

27. Any specialties? um no

28. Do you cook for family or friends, boyfriends/girlfriends? on occasion ill cook for mom

29. Favourite fruits? mmm cantelope

30. Favourite veggies? brocolli or however its spelled

31. Do you eat meat or are you a vegetarian? um meat eater

32. What foods make you want to vomit/cant you stand? not the biggest seafood fan

33. Favourite juices? apple, orange, pineapple :)

34. Favourite fizzy stuff? alka seltzer?! umm what kinda question is this

35. Favourite alcohol? my drink is normally a long island iced tea :)

36. Do you prefer tea or coffee, or dont you drink them altogether? tea is sooo good *should have some now*

37. Are you a fussy eater? yup, still am

38. Ketchup, barbeque sauce or mustard: bbq sauce or kethcup

39. Are you a fan of microwave dinners? i havent had one in AGES, and i dont miss em

40. What do you eat for Christmas dinners? its thanksgiving again

41. Do you have cake on your birthdays (what kind)? carvel, every year since i can remember

42. Favourite chocolates? m&ms

43. Favourite ice cream flavors? if its ice cream, its my favorite flavor

44. Do you like seafood? not a fan of it, but ill eat it

45. Diet coke or regular: both, normally diet though

Holidays/vacation and traveling (depending on your nationality)

46. What holiday is most memorable to you and why? christmas like 4 yrs ago...was the first one without my uncle

47. Worst holiday? i dont have a worst holiday

48. Favourite holiday? christmas...its my birthday too

49. Ever traveled out of the country - where? yup, to London and Paris...was sooo much fun

50. Favourite cities to visit? NY, maybe Vegas again depending on the company

51. Go on day trips often where? beach ,six flags, jersey

53. Furthest youve traveled alone? Boston, went for a job interview

54. Do you want to travel the world? yup, i love travelling

55. Where do you want to go? maybe a tour of europe

56. Where would you love to go on your honeymoon? somewhere with my better half lol

57. Can you drive? yes, duh

YOU - Social, hobbies, adventures

58. Favourite places to go: malls, bars, vacations, beach, museums, concerts

59. Do you like museums and art galleries? yes, i like culture

60. Do you eat out regularly? once a week (exception of work)

61. Where did you last eat out and who with? Melanie, Tish, and Feenie on Friday at IHOP

62. When youre bored, do you prefer to listen to music, play on computers, or watch TV? do em all at once LOL

63. Can you play an instrument? no, but i'd love to learn to play one

64. If not, were there many opportunities in school to play instruments? no opportunities at all.

65. Are you a bookworm? i can be if i want to

66. Are you outgoing? yes i can be, but i am not one to be the first normally

67. Do you drink a lot of alcohol? normally no, but i can if i want

68. Do you like dancing? lol i cant dance for my life, but i enjoy it

69. How often do you exercise? i do when i feel its needed

70. What do you do on the internet research, chat, etc? chat and LJ normally

71. Which friends do you love spending time with? Melanie and Feenie on a normal basis is usually it

72. What do you do together? anything and everything thats G rated, with the talk of r rated movies LOL

73. Do you like to take photos? meh, ill take a pic, but i never really come out looking normal

74. How would you describe yourself as a person? caring, warm, dorky, open minded...

75. Can you be stereotyped? I can be

76. Do you hang around with groups of people who dress the same as you? lets see *thinks* Everyone wears pants and a shirt

77. What kind of people wouldnt you waste your time getting to know? homophobes, close minded people

78. Do you often have deep, intense, intellectual conversations? ive had them, not very often though

79. Have you inherited your intelligence from your parents? i got my math skills from them

80. Do you know what your IQ is? not a clue

81. Are you academically smart or just smart? i have here and there smarts

82. How often do you meet pig ignorance? huh?! wtf is this?

83. How do you dress? trendy (i do work at American Eagle)

84. What kind of shoes do you wear? I love my SKECHERS!

85. What kind of jewellery do you wear? a chain i got for donating money to some relief through American Eagle, maybe a different chain on a diff day

86. What kind of hair do you have? human? its brownish blonde longer hair, think of the nerdy cuts you got when you were younger length

87. Whats your eye colour? blue

88. Are there people out there you are keen to avoid? as in a specific person or group or type

Love and relationships

89. Are you bi, straight or gay? gay

90. Do you have a significant other? nope

91. What is their name? your joking right?!

92. How old are they? apparently not joking

93. What attracted you to them first? no

94. Are you in love with them? pointless

95. Where do they live? stop it

96. What do they do for a living? you are gonna make me cry

97. Their personality features: *cries*

98. Do they make you go weak at the knees why? *sobs uncontrolably*

99. What do they look like? (Include a picture): *censored for the weak of heart*

100. Have you ever had sex? yes

101. Have you ever had oral sex? yes

102. If yes to the two above, when was the last time? Not your business

103. Your most recent kiss? i dont wanna get into it

104. Are you romantic? yup, a hopeless romantic

105. Do you hold hands in public? depends on what were doing

106. Are you affectionate in public as well as private? *shrugs* im not ashamed of who i am

107. What turns you on? sexually or to a guy?

108. Most memorable moment in a relationship? Ya, not going there

109. Most romantic moment in a relationship? *rolls eyes*


110. What is your long term plan (job etc)? to be with the one i love, doing what i want to do, and enjoying life

111. Do you intend on marrying? yes

112. If so to who? *looks around* the guy i get engaged to?

113. When would you prefer to marry? anytime

114. Do you want children? yes, i love kids

115. How many? i came from a big family, so i dunno

116. What will you name them? if i have one, ill let you know

117. What kind of house would you want to live in? one with my family, with enough space to live comfortably

118. What pets do you want? i love animals, so any are good for me


119. What were you afraid of then you were little? I dont really remember

120. Did you believe in fairies, goblins, ghosts and monsters? i dont think i did, but i think all things are possible

121. Do you wear nail polish? not really, i may put on clear

122. What calendar do you have this year? the one on my phone

123. Do you have a downstairs bathroom? who doesnt these days?

124. Worst names you can possibly think of? Apple Martin..that just screams stripping alcoholic

125. Strawberry or raspberry jam? mmm jam

126. Explain your house arrangement: basement, kitchen, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedroom, attic, closet, 1 and a half bath and garage

127. Ever ridden a horse? few times, i was little though

128. Do you have any pets? 6 cats right now

129. Do you get along well with them? they leep why wouldnt you get along with them

130. Who can you trust? I trust my closest friends

131. Who cant you trust? *shrugs* ill let you know

132. Favourite swearwords? lol if its a swear, ive used it

133. What are you wearing now? sweatshirt and jeans...i got in from work like 4 hours ago


134. Like the survey? Should i hit you with the shoe now or later?

P.S. he just added a comment to my Myspace calling me adorable :)

P.P.S. Forgot to add that ive received my beautiful christmas cards from _eyesthatstare, gordonfreeman78, lizzieluvsu, mattymattymatty, aikea_guinea..and its_davy_baby sent me a package and i cant get to the card til christmas.

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