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So today i meet up with Joe. I met him at Garden State Plaza (which is a trip and a half for me, like nothing for him)and ya, he was just as attractive as his pictures. well we got food, went looking around in stores... all the while talking. towards the end, not only does he answer his cell phone while we are together, but he started to be pretentious and basically a clothes snob (i dont wear American Eagle, i wear Armani and Abercrombie etc)

Well i bid him goodbye and text him about 430ish...and he basically goes this isnt gonna work out. now we had decided to go as friends, and then he starts going i dont wanna waste time. then he says i didnt apologize for being late. Now i swear i sat there and said im sorry im late but there was traffic on the George Washington Bridge, but i may not have. I apologized for being rude to him, and he ignores me. Well then i text him i apologize for being any inconvience to you today, and thats it. I came home to find that he deleted his comment to me calling me adorable, and i think hes blocking me. so i sat there and deleted my comment to him on myspace and then deleted him off the friends list. not worth the effort to see him. i deleted all texts, convos and his number off my phone. tomorrow i will go into my voicemail and delete his.

Posted Public to say that if he wants to find it he can. You suck Joe!

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