TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,


Not much, i worked today when i wasnt supposed to for 10 hours...score.

I got my paycheck yesterday and it was for 311 bucks =)

I received my cards from picksthemusic, yep_i_am_dennis and 3ebmadrigal in the mail and i <3 them. Dennis, your address label is hott :p and Heath, no truer words have been spoken my oldest online friend.

i got my schedule and Ewww im working Saturday...why am i working my birthday?!

Cards went out, iesham, jdq your cards went out late, cuz i didnt check the post before i mailed an ass and a blonde *hugs*

xaidenx If you would like a christmas/holiday card from me, i have a post here where you can leave your address for me to mail it :)

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