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so tired...

So yesterday was my first day at CVS

Starts off with driving dad at 6am to the train...was really annoyed at that.

came home went back to bed, got up at 830...had to get ready for work and the dentist.

get to the dentist at like 1005 or something like that, (appointment was at 10) and they take care of my cavity..get out of there at like 20 to 11, and get to work and clock in at 11 on the dot..CVS was kinda boring but i met some nice people i can talk to there and get along with. wound up working there til 730 (supposed to get off at 7) without getting a break.

I call american eagle to tell them i need to change my availablility cuz of CVS and Dan (hott manager) asks me to come in (ok so he practically begged me). so from 8-215 this morning i went into there and folded clothes...hey it got me off 6am duty. ok so i was exhausted when i got home. plopped into bed and didnt wake up til noon today. went into work, and instead of leaving at 3...i left at 730. dan comes in about 6ish and like took off his pants and changed into shorts [i think my eyes mighta popped out of my head])

was about to leave with a coworker who was gonna give me a lift but my sisters showed up and wanted to i got to do more shopping LOL

And now, for my birthday i get to get up at like 8 to go to the mall with my sisters again, cuz they wanna shop more...and i need the ride to work LOL i think i may be able to get out early :)

til then...i get to use whatever icon i want :p

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