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Christmas stash

*giggle* so i got some exciting stuff, and alot of it was back orderred :(

What i did receive though i just love to bits.

Got the clothes that i bought myself LOL

I got Westlife World of Our Own 2x (floit63 sent me one and sis bought me another), as well as the back orderred Unbreakable LOL

Ronan Keating's 10 years of hits
Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts
Now 20
Bon Jovi's have a nice day and 100000000 fans cant be wrong

Backorderred are:
Busted: Present for Everyone, and Busted
Will Young: From Now On

Star Wars (all 6 episodes)
Fantastic 4
and the South Park movie

Backorderred..was of course..The Thunderbirds *pouts*

TV show DVDs:
Point Pleasant
Life As We Know It
Family Guy (vol. 1 and 2)
Garfield (Volumes 3-5)
Angel Season 2

Harry Potter game for Xbox

but the biggest surprise (which was spoiled last nite by my sister's boyfriend) came from my sister Katie...she went out and got me my Tom Brady Jersey *squees*

i like my gifts :)

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