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dude this is sooo messed up

monday i was working and did what i could, came home feeling like shit

tuesday i had off from there went to American eagle where i was sent home cuz they had too much staff, i feel horrible

wed, i try to see my doc but shes on vacation, oh the fun, go into work and i just sound horrible..people are telling me i sound like a smoker with my cough and like 4 people stayed away from me..i leave a note for the manager saying that i was going to the doc today and i told the closing supervisor

today i get woken up by a call from sis...apparently the note never got left and he was screaming at her..i called him and explained the situation and it got calmed...went to thwe doc and they gave me meds and no diagnosis fun times by all

CVS also broke the promise that i would have my schedule on wed so that American eagle could work around my when i gop in tomorrow i need to have a talk with my sisters friend, the store manager stipulating that a) im not working all the days if they conflict with american eagle, cuz its not fair to them that i was blowing them off, and b) that if he ever calls my sister because of me again i will walk out with no problems...she is not my keeper or boss, she doesnt even live here anymore..leave her out of it!

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