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ok so first off i guess i should be cliche and say Happy New Year :p

so what i have been doing besides working...

Well Monday i caught the nasty sick bug i went to the doc on thursday for, also on monday i got the graces of my nephew *headdesk* it was more torment for me being sick too. went to bed at like 930 seriously

Tuesday, well it wasnt so much bad as what it led to..after i got sent home from american eagle (they needed to send someone home and i volunteered) came home to have my sister rush into the house like right after me..apparently my cat midnight didnt come up for breakfast and my sistr katie called sis christine about we go to take her to the vet (backstory: about 3 yrs ago Midnight was diagnosed with lymphoma that was inoperable). came back home and slept for a bit, american eagle called and i think they wanted me in but whatever. got up cuz the neph stirred and we cant leave him to be alone...then got up to go to the christmas spectacular at Radio City.

Wed, well i drove mom to work, i was greeted with the news that midnight had passed away at 8 am, it was sad but i mean she was sufferring so im glad shes not in pain. closed at work (told about the doc) came home and went to bed

thursday, well i worked 10-8 i think (i cant even be sure) but wound up getting there at like 230 or 3 cuz of the doc...worked til 9, came home. got some news about a friend that didnt make me feel all the more thrilled of the week, went to bed at like 230 after i took the meds

friday, i woke up at did i feel great, went to work, worked in the valentines aisle (oo dilally), and came home about 5ish..and got ready...i went out with Adam of the jackass fame. he was really sweet and nice...and definitely not what i expected which was even better. we had some nice italian dinner, and then went ot see Narnia. i got home about 130/2 ish and got online for a bit...and went to bed about 330

today..i did nothing, and quite frankly im pissed that i have to work tomorrow cuz i coulda been out tonite having a blast.

so CVS, thank you for screwing up my new years

and as for Adam, well he says he wants to see me again, well see what happens though

hopefully tonite capped off the end to the worst week of the worst year.

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