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So where to start...

Working lots, but getting paid like no ones business. told american eagle that my availability is 9-3 daily and cvs gets times for me

Adam, the sick young man talks very little to me now, and here is a snip from our 5 minute chat tonite
Adam: can I tell you something you might now want to hear
Adam: ?
ShReD1224: ya
Adam: I miss him

oh the so much fun that the guy whos over him and feels nothing, suddenly has this to say...good thing i didnt put all that much into still sucks though to hear

found out Chris went to my high school, which made a 10 min chat and then poof nothing

Robert, well i sorta miss talking to him, and i hope hes enjoying himself in florida.

and a new guy, Matt, some 30 yr old ive barely talked to at all, sends me a myspace note with his number *giggle*


I just wanna go on vacation somewhere for a bit.

and dont forget to do this

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