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check please!

So lets see..

Adam has barely spoken to me since that stupid convo besides to do little ramblings and disappear Go figure *makes cookoo motion* im over it

Matt (30 yr old myspace guy) and I have been playing phone tag whoopie!

Robert is still in Miami but having a blast according to his text message.

*thinks* there is a guy named John im talking to but *shrugs*

And Chris just wants sex now apparently EW!

Last nite my father was griping about his computer and goes someone needs to call sears. i simply say that he is capable of doing it, and he goes off on me that i have a smart mouth and he cant take it anymore. anyone got an idea where to move to thats cheap Ewww!

im starting to get slightly annoyed, i mean seriously, im like never around anymore, how am i annoying people *shrugs* And apparently my sis knows everything i do at work cuz the manager who hired me (her former manager who she slept with numerous times) tells her everything and its funny cuz he isnt there 90% of the time i am

I barely get time to do what i normally days off arent even competely mine hoping for 3 things, a nice refund check this year (to either get a laptop or pay loans down a bit), a vacation (not even a long one or 2 days away), and piece of mind (or whats left of it at any rate)

I just feel like crying my eyes out

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