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So today is truck day at CVS..and as we unload the truck, we get the totes to sort..and well wouldnt you know me and my blondness..i took a box cutter to open a tote, and well it cut right into my thumb. i spent an hour and a half of my work day at North Shore LIJ to have them look at was just so me to do

then to make it even better, this whore i work with made the best comment ever!

Whore & a shift supervisor: hows the cut? did you need stitches?
me: nope *shows thumb* all bandaged up
Whore: fun. *goes to open tote and finds it closed* Tom do you have a box cutter?
Shift: *bursts laughing*
me: *gives her the dumbest look ever* do you think Ryan is gonna let me anywhere near a box cutter for the next like 6 months?

Edit: Ooo and i have a new layout too!! Go Me and my sim slef :p

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