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So some fun things this week

- i got the thunderbirds yesterday on DVD...EEEEEEE! i loves this movie

- last nite i went out with Johnny and his friend cuz it was his friends birthday. we went to this club called b was a good time, i got along great with his friend and it was fun...had a few drinks...when we started dancing it got weird cuz a couple of guys were staring at me. well that was the most of it except one guy...he comes over looking to dance with me (mind you that im dancing with Johnny), and johnny got all jealous type and was like hi, and stupid drunk man went behind him and started to dance..i was like oh no he didnt...then he came back over about half an hour later and started like rubbing his hands on my chest, repeat: Johnny was like right next to he gets jealous type again and goes, if he comes by again, im gonna rip his balls off. good thing mr drunk man never came back. then as we left some guy comes upto me and goes your cute, i was like um thank you and left *shrugs* we went back to his place and finished watching mean girls..and snuggled a bit..then went to sleep...yup i stayed there again =)
best line of the night though was Johnny trying to be funny
Johnny: i should go over there and flirt with him..
Me: why do you want that poor man to become a unic.

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