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Ya so 2 months ago I promised to update more frequently...well the fact is nothing exciting ever happens to me...I have no social life *roll eyes* My friends back home have other friends, and my so called friends here are assholes that should be shot. But Whatev...

OK first rant. My school...This greedy fucking establishment is a piece of shit...all last week i was sick due to side effects of a med i was on for i go out to check my mail today (for a letter that was mailed by the doc) and find out the parking policy on my quad was when i go to put my new decal on my car I find 3 parking tickets...I walk over to the Parking management to have them voided...explaining that i was sick and couldnt do anything...well they couldnt void em and I had to appeal the 3 tickets, Which mind you takes 6 weeks to get an appeal. If the appeal doesnt go through...its 60 bucks outta pocket. then I go to my quad, because they have advance registration for people on my quad for dorm next year...Advance registration was last week so now i have to go apply like a normal person...but I am gonna go fight them tomorrow morning. Then I get to go fight my speeding ticket from Super bowl Sunday (too many fucking tickets)

next Rant...Randy...Randy is a guy I met online during winter break...we have hit it off very well to my knowledge...I mean he and I call each other cutie (shrugs) but as he says...he is sick right now and is having pains...When i call his cell, he never answers, when i see him online..he never IMs me and gets lost doin something. Then when i ask him to hang out and stuff, hes either working one of his 2 jobs (i understand this, hes a store manager of a Rite aid) but like he has tomorrow nite off, so I asked him if he wanted to hang..and hes like it depends on how i feel...This is giving me questions about him...I mean I have hung out with him, and everything seems fine by me...and him..but i dunno
here is a pic of him

I found out that Rick has now vanished from the face of the earth...Why did i ever waste time on him, is beyond me...and AJ and I havent talked in forever...Screw the alcoholic..dont need him...Joe I spoke with the other day...and apparently he doesnt wanna talk to me anymore because i make him uncomfortable *grumbles shit* Im sorry you diss me, you ditch me...Fuck you Joe!! I dont need you or anything involved with you

School sucks...I dunno what I wanna do right now...All i know is I wanna be a history teacher...but i dont have the energy to go to class...It just seems like a waste of time to me...Then I feel like I wanna curl up in my bed and never leave...too depressing when you dont have any friends to go hang out with...I wish I had one friend to go do stuff with...but i dont even have that :\

I need to move to a different place where no one knows me and I can go and be something do stuff that i would never do around my family...but the more I wish it...the more it cant happen...Why is it always me??

Eh what am i gonna do...i hope something comes along for me...but for right now, I'll sit and be depressed (I actually think I have Seasonal Anxiety Disorder or something) I keep getting depressed around this time and in the spring, life usually brings out a new son

I hope a good opportunity come by my way...first thing ill do is take it and leave my sad boring existence....Or do something unspeakable

I'll stop my sad ranting and leave you to happier thoughts...O and My song happens to describe my life every single day!

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