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What to bitch about today?!

Well Yesterday i went to my dumb court date for my ticket....waste of time...according to the was the date the plea was due i drove to Lake Katrine (an hour away) for nothing?! I'm gonna get a courtdate in the mail to come back *rolls eyes*

Randy hasn't signed online or called in 2 days...Whatever...I dont care anymore! he has been dicking me around for a while now...I'm not buying the whole Im sick shit anymore...If you are well enough to go to work, your well enough to pick up a damn phone and call!

Ive added a bunch of people to my friends list but i dont know how to do the little thingy wit the man head and the name (I'm blonde...what do you expect?!) (Edit: Thanks Patricia for the code =) )So give a warm welcome to daredavid , discoblythe and yellowduck16_7 *waves* Hi people!!

Met some interesting people at a new forum I visit...all outta the country people..but really nice people anyway. I have money now, so im thinkin of taking a flight somewhere by myself...but i gotta wait til after Easter because my cousin John is having his son's christening down in Charlotte NC. I'm thinking along the lines of the west up with a bunch of friends that live out there.

Hmm what else to talk about....No friends to talk about (well no friends here at Albany) My friends at home are looking for jobs (outta college) and most people i know are just lazy bastards...well no just my brother is. Life stinks needs to get out so i can go do other shit with my life.

I need to go travelling somewhere :)

Thats all for now...I'll ramble about something new tomorrow

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