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ok drama go the fuck away

So recap of the past 2 days

yesterday i was scheduled off, but CVS asked me to come in for a few hours to help since it was a busy day and then one girl isnt feeling well..i 'was scheduled' from 10-2..i wasnt there at 10...but i figured im not permanent so i can be late and they will still be grateful..WRONG..get a call yelling at me im late (by sis, not by boss)..whatever, i worked 11-3. after that went to american eagle to get my check and schedule. was at the mall for a bit...went to the bank and had a fight so they wont do shit yadda and like half the money i deposited was taken for overdraft fees WTF! but whatever at least the shit was getting paid. wound up getting to the place where the veronicas played like 30 minutes late..and johnny was waiting...we traded valentines and went in and saw the Jonas brothers..great band. noticed the paris hilton wanna be queen from AE there...ewww!. diggybear met up with us for the second act..October falls. they were good, but jonas brothers were better...then big time...Veronicas..they were amazing and we met a new friend...Katelyn..she was nice. after the concert they did an autograph signin and i got their autograph and gave them chocolates...and they signed the cd thanks for the chocolates!!! we went to eat at BBqs after (just the 3 of us, katelyn had to go home) and had good food...then parted ways.

today however just home..sleep, up at 845 and AE took my i got there at like 10...and worked til 1230 came home and started talking to x2k and Johnny and then i get a call at 215 from my sister saying that i was supposed to be at cvs at i was on my way and she said that i was WRITTEN UP for latenesses and such, i got a bit annoyed but didnt press an issue.. i got there when i did and started to run register...and they call me in the office. and Ryan is starting to bitch...and i get annoyed as hell, but take it cuz yes im late and such. after the other 2 managers leave the office, i ask him nicely to stop calling my sister about issues with me, and he proceeds to ramble off "ill call whoever the fuck i want" and such and seriously just spouting it on my way home tonite, after bitching to johnny, i called my sis and asked her to start scouting around for me to transfer somewhere else cuz i just cant deal anymore.

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    All Christmas cards are mailed!!! Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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