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the day after...

so what did today feel like...forever

got up at about 1130 at diggybear's and we hung out for a bit there, then i went to Subway with her at 130 for lunch, then went to work..the car ride there was hell in itself...damn mp3 player and playing nothing but the romantic type songs that almost made me cry!

work was very slow today so i was texting people...including him ( *hugs feenie for being concerned) and he just seemed like he didnt wanna talk to me..i said fuck it, bought like 20 packs of marshmellow peeps and was like i have no one to impress so im gonna be a fat slob tonite

i told him and he calls concerned *rolls eyes* talked a bit on the phone and then when i call him back (hung up cuz mom was gonna yell at me for not coming home last nite) and when i call him back...convienent that he doesnt answer

then a shocker, Adam ims me...he bought sims 2 eps and wanted to know stuff...and then wanted to know when we were gonna go out again..i say upto him, but then told him i wanna go drunk bowling and he asked if he could join, i said ok

lets see what happens with this

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