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New Layout

Well today proved to be of some use...I decided the sims needed to be retired and a new image up. and considerring ive been non OTH mostly lately and i have now caught up on it all, who better than Hilarie Burton AKA Peyton to go with a great song like "Halo"

So i revamped the journal a lil bit, changed the color scheme, new default icon, header and a new Friends Only Banner (its about damn time LOL)

As for tomorrow, got work at 11 and there is no more Ryan (CVS manager). he got transferred so i have a new manager, and possibly a new schedule but not til next week

and its funny that this week all the guys from the past im me as Johnny goes whacko

Robert and i possibly have plans, some guy on myspace wants to meet up with me and Johnny is an idiot. he sat there quizzed me on myspace guy (in top 8) and then when i showed him my header (after i told him i made it) and he asked where i found it *rolls eyes*

i think i need to do something bout me being gullible.

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