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Ok, i was supposed to have a date on friday with someone from myspace..was being the operative word. Reason why no more date...the stupid fuck decided he wanted to IM johnny and antagonize him. I mean seriously.

It went down that this happened while i was at work, so i just get a random text from Johnny saying he never wants to talk to me again and i pretty much went downward..and almost broke the machine (twice). I tried to call him at least like 15 times.

I finally manage to get Johnny on the phone to try and talk with him about this whole thing. I admitted that yes i did lie to him about how i knew the guy and that i was sorry but i wasnt the only one who ever a matter of fact, he lied talking to the now defunct asshole. so we put that aside..the other reason was he thought i was talking shit about him. ya i may have had bad thoughts at first, but i think the only thing ive ever said bad about him was that he was an idiot. *shrugs* it happens, even if it is worse...but he thought i was telling this schmuck and that the schmuck was gonna rub it in his face. The only thing i ever told schmuck was that we broke up and remained friends...and i know that for a fact!

Johnny and i spent an hour and a half on the phone talking and relaxing, and it felt just like the first time we actually started talking. and i do think i hinted some flirting, but im not gonna say he was. said i'd come by tomorrow after work to help him pack (diggybear, hes going to Vegas for the party) but i mean i get out at 10, so who knows.

tired me is going to sleep, and maybe play some OFB business tomorrow.

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