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what a thursday

started off with me questoning going to work cuz of the snow, but i went anyway

worked like 11 to 730 when they asked if i wanted to go home which i said yes...drove my coworker home cuz im super nice.

I went by Johnny's after that because i promised id go and he was packing for this weekend...well we sat and watched the newer version of the parent trap with Lindsay Lohan, which i said has no comparison to the origional, started watching something else and ya like i said last night when i thought he flirted with me, this time i know he was cuz he started playing with my hair and stuff...and he apologized for 'being stupid' and well needless to say, kissing did ensue...

when he got up to cook us some food, i got a phone call from sparklediamant and well that kinda threw me at first cuz i mean she doesnt call normally...but no she told me that the fuckwad from myspace that antagonized Johnny messaged her and shit...and he didnt want her to tell me...WTF?! needless to say, it def is better i not meet up with him cuz he will just get his ass beaten (3ebmadrigal, im sorry if he messaged you too)

I spent the night at Johnny's cuz he has a comfy bed and a johnny blanket is warm =p and got up at 630 this morning so he could go to his parents and get everyone together before the trip

*squee* he said he was gonna get me something and call me too =)

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