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Damn johnny *giggles*

Well since my work schedule is like 4 pm on, i stay up at like 4 this morning he called me and rattled on bout a muscle relaxer one of his brothers was gonna give him.

i went to bed at like 430, set my alarm so i would be up for work..and well my luck being the way it is, i get a phone call at 7am. its johnny, he was drunk and eating alone, so he called nice the thought is, i wanted to hurt him. i like my sleep. i talked to him for like 15 minutes before he hung up...and i turned over and went back to up at 11 to drive mom to work. (found out later that he tried to call at 8 too).

i texted him about 1ish to see if he was up and feeling ok...and he was up and lucid. i told him all about his nice 7am wake up call and he laughed and swore hed make it upto me =p

went to work, where i was bogged down for like 90% of my shift. i had like 14 rolls of film sitting there to develop, 7 by 6pm. i started them all at 545 and got everything all done by the time it closed up shop.

Now, its down time..Johnny is back in NY (got a text), and life is back to normal for now

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